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Nearly 4 years ago our youngest daughter Chloe was suddenly and unexpectedly taken Seriously ill and diagnosed with a very rare auto immune disease. As a result of  this condition she suffered lots of anxiety, low mood & lack of focus & energy. In addition to the many tablets she was prescribed I looked at other ways to help her and came across essential oils, their unique healing powers made such a difference to how Chloe felt which was fantastic.
So Sadly on 22/9/18 our lovely Chloe passed away in her sleep, we were and are still devastated.
I turned to essential oils once more to help, a hobby of blending oils and making wax melts began. Working together  with my husband and 2 daughters from our kitchen has been a great source of comfort and togetherness.
Fill your home with these beautiful pure therapeutic wax melts, they really are “Scent to make you smile “ 


With love Soy Happy x


10% of our profits will be donated to London's Air Ambulance

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