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1st Birthday

Today we celebrate our 1st birthday at Soy Happy. Our family also celebrates the continued inspiration behind Soy Happy, our youngest daughter Chloe, as today would be her 25th Birthday.

We have learnt so much in the past year and continue to learn as we go along. I was really nervous launching as an online business, I had found making the melts and burning them had really helped me & my family with our emotions and mental health, but would they or could they help others?

The comments and feedback from our customers tell us they do. For me this has really been our biggest achievement, knowing that we could in some way make another person feel better. Before Soy Happy was born, experimenting with different oils had been a hobby and a need to help Chloe Manage the anxiety’s that her complex condition gave her. This has always been our purpose and will continue to be. I honestly wasn’t ready or prepared for the interest in our product, as a family we have been blown away by the support and kindness for our business and at times overwhelmed by the demand. 😊

We have learnt the importance of forward planning. Initially I thought that no one would want our aromatherapy melts. Having natural ingredients was so important to us, although they were not the latest scents of perfumes or aftershaves, they didn’t smell like fresh linen, cookies or cherry bakewell tart which all seemed to be popular, I was so wrong and this is where confidence and forward planning would of helped!

There have been times when we have worked into the early hours and not had a weekend to ourselves, we all have full time jobs separate to Soy Happy, but we love to melt

September’s campaign to give all our profit to LAA was amazing, you kept us so very busy and we would not of had it any other way.

Together we were able to donate £1200.00 to this fantastic charity. (Thank you!)

Black Friday and the introduction of gift sets took us to a different level of tired 😴. The Christmas Markets we had planned were all cancelled due to the Pandemic. Thinking about it, we would have found them very hard to fit in with our day jobs, but belief and forward planning would have helped us. We look forward to this year and will plan for more markets and events. The experiences we have had this year have been vital and will help us grow in confidence and strength as we grow further.

What’s the plan for Soy Happy in 2021

We aim to continue the growth of Soy Happy. We have some personal changes afoot with a location and house move. We will be building a workshop to house Soy Happy and introducing new natural products to our current range.

We see ourselves at Craft Fairs and Markets, meeting new people and travelling to different places.

Most of all, and always sticking close to our inspiration and purpose we will creating products that give comfort when needed and continue to support London’s Air Ambulance.

Love & Thanks to you All

Heidi, Mike, Kayleigh & Sophie xx

10% of all profit is always donated to London’s Air Ambulance

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