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Updated: May 11, 2020

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time but never knew where to start so thought it would best to start from the beginning.

Soy Happy is our small family run business. We research, melt, pour, package and post all your orders our self from our home in Surrey.

I'm Sophie, middle child, behind the social media, emails & website. I also design the labels, logo & business cards, pack & post your orders. Although none of those is what I do for a full time job, I hope I'm not doing too badly & learning as we go along - feedback is always appreciated!

Kayleigh, Eldest child, she does a lot of our research & ordering supplies, she does have the log in for social media but usually just for getting our name out there.

Mike (Dad) looks after the money side of things (the boring bit) but also is quite good at making the wax melts which I secretly think he enjoys more. Dad also sources our packaging boxes & wax melt bags!

Heidi (Mum/CEO) the reason soy happy began, Mum does all the research into the oils & creates different blends, she also melts & pours all the waxes from our kitchen.

For those of you that know us know that this business is very special to us and has helped us & our family a lot over the past few years. It first begun when my youngest sister Chloe fell suddenly & unexpectedly seriously ill where she was put into an induced coma and flown via The London Air Ambulance to The Royal London Hospital, there she was diagnosed with a very rare auto immune disease. During her recovery in hospital & at home the result of this condition meant she suffered lots of anxiety, low mood and lack of focus & energy. In addition to the many tablets she was prescribed, mum looked at other ways to help her and came across essential oils. Essential oils have unique healing powers and made a big difference to how Chloe felt, which was amazing. She continued her university studies and graduated.

So sadly on 22nd September 2018 our lovely Chloe passed away in her sleep. My mum turned to essential oils once more to help. It was where our hobby of blending oils and making wax melts begun, by working together it was a great source of comfort & togetherness, which was what we needed in such a difficult time in our lives.

We have been officially live and trading for about 4 months now and we can not thank everyone enough for their support. We have received so many messages from customers who have really benefited from the unique healing powers of the essential oils in our wax melts, which gives us happiness in knowing that we have helped someone else.

With only 4 months in, which seems as if we have been doing it for ever, we have come across hurdles & made mistakes (mainly to know that during COVID19 we must order supplies weeks in advance!) But as a small business we are learning every day.

We are always researching into different blends and hope to bring you a lot more 'Scents to make you smile'

Photography by Charlotte McCormack Photography

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1 comentário

Membro desconhecido
28 de abr. de 2020

Great blog Sophie! It’s always nice to hear from the makers. I love your products, I’m gradually working my way through your range so not sure which is my favourite yet, but May Chang & Rosemary is a contender. The thing that makes you stand out from others is not only the high quality of your products but your backstory. I look forward to seeing you go from strength to strength!

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